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tv   Channel 13 News at 6  NBC  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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agriculture business, getting trapped in a grain bin. and a new study shows it happens here in the hawkeye state more than anywhere else in the country... good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm erin kiernan... comes from purdue university. it found more people encountered year, than also includes a bit of good news... channel 13's mike dasilva joins us with more. it is a nightmare scenario...but the good news is when they do happen there are some important life saving tools that can be used to rescue people. we were pretty fortunate that day. everybody was. it was june of 2013 when arick baker became trapped in a grain bin on a farm just south of iowa falls. captain jason barrick would later be given an award of valor for his actions that day.... 06:53:19 i was the initial one in there barrick says using "grain bin rescue tubes" made saving baker's life possible. 06:58:05--21 'that was the only way that we could get to him the fastest 06:58:22--33 'figured out where he was, got down to him, dug him out below his shoulders and stuff like that, just to find him, and get him a little bit of water and other stuff that he needed. otherwise you wouldnt be able to, it be, you wouldnt be
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coming back into you 06:58:40 another valuable tool, though it wasn't used that day, is a rescue auger...which can work in conjunction with the rescue tubes... carol miller, former president of the polk county farm bureau, has committed herself to raising awareness about the importance of these rescue tools... 07:09:13--20 'a year or so ago we decided we needed to help the fire departments so that they can help rescue us.' miller has been leading fundraising efforts to buy the life saving equipment to be used by area fire departments. 07:10:14 'i think we purchased seven grain rescue tubes, and the augers that go down inside the tube and a drill. its about a battery drill that would draw out a little over a bushel per minute.' 07:10:27 and it's not just equipment that can save's also safety tips like this... 07:18:41--07:19:02 'if you realize youre getting caught, they say a lot of times people were reaching up and thats how they find a lot of them, but if you can bring down, crotch down, and make an air pocket for yourself then you cold probably survive
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according to the study, grain bin entrapments were reported in 13 states last year, mostly in the midwest. iowa led the nation with seven incidents. however, the true number could be even higher, because the study says many such cases continue to go unreported...the study reports there has been reluctance on the part of some victims and employers to report nonfatal incidents since doing so could result in work delays or higher insurance costs. a driver was killed when a piece
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windshield. it happened along interstate 80, near davenport, yesterday evening. state troopers say 65 year old richard miedema was struck by the debris. they didn't specify what it was. miedema died at the scene. a passenger was taken to the hospital. the crash is still being investigated. police say a des moines man is behind bars for raping a nine year old girl... 18 year old scott strawman is charged with two counts of second degree sex abuse. strawman was arrested tuesday when the girl's mom reported the abuse. he's being held in the polk county jail on a 50 thousand dollar bond. his preliminary hearing is set for march fourth. a des moines man has gone straight from the hospital, to the polk county jail. 47 year old barney fraaken is charged with two counts of first degree murder. police say he shot and killed his wife, amy, and his daughter, amber, last november. then, they say he turned the gun on himself... he was released from the hospital last night. fraaken is being held on a 2 million dollar bond.
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alex fazzino focused on the day of his wife's death... he's accused of killing emily fazzino, whose body was found in their home in january of 20-12. her sister and brother-in-law took the stand, saying the fazzinos appeared to be on bad terms at a wrestling tournament earlier that day. they say the two showed up separately and didn't sit together. they also say they'll never forget hearing the horrible news... really couldn't believe what they were walking into. emily fazzino's relatives say they were unaware of her addiction to prescription medication. the defense wants to prove she was suffering from withdrawal symptoms and accidentally drowned in the bathtub. west des moines police want to help people buy and sell online safely... they have set up a "safety exchange zone" outside the police department. the zone allows you to make exchanges while under police surveillance.
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we have been asked in the past to allow people to do child custody changes in our parking lot. we've always granted those requests but this is a way for people to have a designated area that's under surveillance 24 hours a day 7 days a week. the zone is marked with a sign near the main entrance of the police department. house republicans say there's lots to be done before april first. that's when the state transitions to a privatized medicaid system... identifying where there are holes and then what are we to do about them is perhaps more productive about what we have been doing. now we have 30 days to find answers for people who are identifying genuine gaps or holes. meanwhile senate democrats are focusing on the future of medicaid. they're hoping to debate a bill
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after the changes take place. about 560 thousand iowans who are served by the system. governor branstad says it will dollars. a bill advancing in the schools better combat bullying... the bill would allow bullied school and immediately be eligible to participate in varsity sports. currently, the law calls for students who do so to wait 90 days before taking part. the bill was approved by the house yesterday and it's now awaiting senate approval. another bill is aimed at helping make the roadways safer for cyclists.. 'its an easy bill to enforce and already aligns with the laws we have sense.' bill this week that would require motorists to change lanes to pass a cyclist and wait until they have safely cleared the rider before getting back over. the law would not require motorists to get over if there
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bike lane. current iowa law does not define just how close a motorist can be to a cyclist and riders say this law would help put their mind at ease on the roads. 'its not going to change everybodys behavior but its just something that will be on peoples minds and if it makes an improvement its all for the better.' the coalition says 50-percent of fatal bicycle vs. car crashes have been from a vehicle overtaking a rider. they say this bill would help create more space and keep everyone safer. the bill now heads over to the house for debate several iowa parks could soon be recognized as some of the best in the country... the recreational boating and fishing foundation is searching for the top 100 parks. lake macbride in solon, lake pahoja near larchwood, little river watershed lake near leon, and green valley lake near creston are being considered. iowans can vote once a day until
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makes the list. just go to "w-w-w dot take me fishing dot org." iowa state hopes students will learn from more than just their classes this week. see how one group is tackling a big issue by holding a series of small events... and later, hawkeye fans are dealing with some heartbreak tonight. see the team's tough loss against wisconsin, and hear how they hope to move forward. a higher education is one of the
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parents, will make... the iowa board of regents wants to make it a little easier on their wallets... members are calling for an increase in state funding for iowa's 3 public colleges. over the last few decades, the state's share of tuition costs has dropped dramatically. currently, it covers a third of the costs associated with a higher education. the rest falls into the laps of students or their families. members attribute it to changing populations at the universities. as iowa has an increasing record number of first generation
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do we make sure that it remains affordable. meanwhile, the board is praising the universities for efforts to reduce spending across the board. iowa state students are raising awareness about an issue prevalent in their peers... we know that college age is a time and they're at risk given they're moving away from their primary support systems. the pressure on campuses to be successful. literally they're being graded everywhere and in every capacity. a group is holding several events on campus for eating disorder awareness week. some members have struggled with the illness, and want to help others through it. they say eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes... you don't have to be a certain weight or a certain amount of sick to get help or to have an eating disorder. and it's actually more important to get help right away. experts say three out of ten college students struggle with
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if you're tired of the colder and dreary weather, you're in luck! clouds will continue to clear out through the night tonight, paving the way for more sunshine on friday. temperatures will be cool but average tonight with lows in the middle 20s. winds will also die down and become more southwesterly for friday. this combined with the sunshine will help warm temperatures into the upper 40s throughout central iowa. by saturday winds will start to pick up from the southwest, but this will help to warm much of central iowa into the upper 50s and lower 60s. ree weeks ag aodayprojected iowa as the overall
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hadn't had a bad december. that has changed. iowa has now lost three of four, and had a complete collapse in the final minutes against wisconsin. the badgers are not ranked, and iowa played in front of a home sellout crowd, but the hawks didn't score a field goal in the final six minutes. iowa lost 67-59. what's wrong? iowa can still win a big ten title, but the hawks need to
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iowa hosts conference leader indiana tuesday. hawks a game behind the hoosers, tied with maryland. these "what's wrong?" questions are familiar to another top twenty team: the cyclones. kansas state at hilton coliseum
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or is that saturday afternoon? i'm never sure about 5 pm. the barnstormers are undefeated. okay, they're 1 and oh, but technically, that's undefeated. tomorrow, they play play their only home game of the fist six weeks. blizzard and barnstormers at
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blizzard and barnstormers at the well, tomorrow night at 7. finally tonight, a question pondered...
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"the next president is in office to appoint a justice, what do you think about that?" justice o'connor: "i don't agree. i think we need somebody there, now,"
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how much would it cost to buy
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the answer - nearly 12 point 86 billion dollars. that's according to a computer scientist in zurich. first, he determined there were 479 million items on the website. then, he calculated the average price of an item - 26 dollars and 86 cents. amazon has not commented whether he's on the money or not.
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from sony pictures studios, it's america's game. wheel... of...
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ladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of our show, pat sajak and vanna white. well, there we are. thank you, jim. thanks, everybody. right here. there's our mark right there. there it is. right there. thank you. appreciate that. wow! yeah, i know. hi, gang. get ready. your moment in the sun has arrived. $1,000 for this first puzzle. it's a "phrase" -- our first "toss up." here we go. [ bell chimes ] jessica. no sales tax. yeah, that's it. nothing to it. [ chuckles ] jessica nadeau, right... yes. from fair haven, vermont. what do you do back there? i am the director of a community and employment support program.


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